Women's Day 2017


Happy Women's Day!


Not many people know that the holiday actually commemorates the 1956 march to the Union Buildings of around 20 000 women of all races, who were protesting against South Africa's Pass Laws at the time.

In the years since, the phrase (or its latest incarnation: "you strike a woman, you strike a rock") has come to represent women's courage and strength in South Africa.


This day always makes me feel special. I'll be honest, I'm a big fan of birthday's, Christmas, anniversaries...well...basically any celebration....


As I see it, Women's Day however is a celebration of our gender, which lends a little more gravitas to the occasion. It's a celebration of the feminine, the soft, the hard, the strong and weak parts of us. 

We all are perfectly imperfect creatures that need to be celebrated and loved in our own unique ways.


I had the pleasure of doing a few orders for some companies (CIPS and Hisense to name but two) who chose to celebrate the women in their offices. I thought that was really lovely and I applaud them for making the effort to make those women feel special today.


I myself had a lovely day doing what I love. Baking my sweet treats for customers who enjoy them, and spending time with the three men in my life.