I have a specific colour scheme - can you make the macarons in my colours?
Yes we absolutely can! Chat to us about how we can best bring in the colours of your theme to the macarons.


I'm craving a flavour that isn't on your menu. Are you able to make it?
Most likely! Contact us to chat about your favourite flavours. 


How long in advance do I need to order the macarons?
It depends on the order size.
0 - 50:  1-2 days in advance
50 - 200: At least 4 days in advance
200+ macarons: At least 1 week in advance
If you are wanting macarons for your event, we strongly suggest placing your order early to ensure that we have the capacity to assist you. Please note that these dates are estimates and will depend on our current  bookings at the time. This is also assuming that payment has been made at the time of booking.  You're always welcome to call us 082 391 5951 or email aimeelloyd@gmail.com if it's a last minute order - we are often able to assist.

Do you require payment upfront?
Yes. As we make our macarons to order, and we do not have a physical shop per se, we require payment or proof of payment to be sent through before we will confirm an order. Unfortunately this is non-negotiable, as we have previously been put into difficult situations with clients who place large orders and then don't collect or pay after the fact. 

Do you deliver or can we collect?
We deliver within the Johannesburg region. A delivery fee will be charged. Alternatively, you can collect from our premises in Houghton Estate.


Do you have a minimum order?
1 box (6 macarons) - we don't discriminate when you need to get your macaron on! :)


Do you have a shop that I can buy from whenever I like?
No. We make our macarons to order, to ensure that they are always fresh. We can arrange a taster box if you're unsure of which flavours you want to order for your event. You're always welcome to call us 082 391 5951 or email aimeelloyd@gmail.com if it's a last minute order - we are often able to assist.


How long do the macarons last?
It depends entirely on the filling. Some last up to 3 days and others last up to 1 week.  


Can you make macaron towers/ croquembouches?
Yes we can! They make a beautiful alternative to wedding cakes and make lovely centre pieces at a function. We also have gorgeous macaron stands which we hire out. Please contact us to enquire.  


Can we have macarons as our wedding favours or gifts at our function?
Most definitely. We will assist you with finding packaging to suit your budget and your theme.  

Our wedding is not in Johannesburg - can we still have your macarons?
Yes you can. We will work closely with you to determine when the macarons need to be at the venue and work out a plan of action. They can be carefully packaged and wrapped and sent using your own couriers. We always recommend getting a trusty family member or friend to transport them however, rather than a courier service.

Do you have special rates for corporate clients and stockists?
Yes we do, please enquire about our rates.

Are the macarons exactly the same size?
Because the macarons are all handmade and hand-piped, a small variation in size is inevitable, however we strive to ensure that all your macarons are mostly the same size.

Do the macarons contain gluten or alcohol?
The macarons are naturally gluten free, and we do not use alcohol unless requested in our flavours.