Macarons as gifts

Macarons make wonderful gifts!

I mean...who doesn't want to receive a beautiful box filled with scrumptious bites of deliciousness? I often get a few questions around this subject, so I thought I'd dedicate this blog post to discussing the in's and out's of macarons when used as gifts.

1. What do you package the gifts in?

We have several different packaging options for your macarons when you want to gift them. We offer cellophane bags (which are the most cost-effective); clear cube boxes (which can hold anything from 1 macaron up to 7 macarons depending on the size of the box); a long rectangular box which takes 6 macarons (this is a really stunning gift option); and of course, we can do larger boxes depending on your needs.

2. I have my own packaging - would you be able to use this?

Sure thing! We would just need to ensure that the macarons will fit nicely inside, or adapt the size of the macarons to suit the packaging, but anything is do-able :)

3. It's my wedding soon and I'd like to use your macarons as wedding favours/gifts. Is this something you offer?

Absolutely! We can do our beautiful clear cubed boxes with macarons for your wedding favours. We will customise the colour of the macarons to suit your colour scheme, as well as the satin ribbon to finish off the box. If you have tags that you would like to attach, we can even do this for you, if you get the tags to us ahead of time.

3. Do you only do wedding gifts?

Definitely not! We do gifts for baby showers, first birthday's, engagement parties, adult birthday's, and pretty much any occasion you'd like to celebrate.

4. I'd like to give macarons as corporate gifts - is this something you can do?

Definitely! We do plenty of corporate gifts! We will discuss your company's requirements and tailor a gifting solution to suit your brand and your budget. We have done work for Audi, First National Bank, Hi Sense, Boschendal Wines, Jo Malone, the South African Mint, Better Bond, Paramount Group, A+E Networks, BMW, Air Mauritius, SA Wedding, Marc Jacobs, L'Occitane, Hollard Insurance and KPMG, to name but a few.

5. How long will my gifts last?

We will work with you to determine the best time to collect your gifts. If it's a destination wedding or the need to be transported elsewhere in the country, we work back from the date they will be given out. Macarons will last 7 days, but we try to ensure that they are eaten or at least gifted within the first 3 days, to ensure that the person they are gifted to has some time to enjoy them.

6. Can you personalise the macarons?

Of course! We are a bespoke macaron bakery, therefore we love customised orders. We will do anything from initials on your macarons and splatters of gold to printed edible branded round to go on top of the macarons. We can brand them, we can put personalised name on, you name it, we can do it!

7. Will you do the thank you tags or stickers for us? 

As we're a bakery, we don't like to overstep and venture into printing :) We rather leave that to the professionals. We will however gladly attach any tags, brands or stickers that you provide us with.