Cheers 2019!

Cheers 2019! You have been amazing!

The end of a year is always an introspective time for people. As you get older, I seem to notice that the year’s come and go a little quicker every year.

On a professional level, we have had a really amazing year. I’ve worked with amazing clients who have given me exciting and challenging briefs, and I’ve been able to do what I love most: making macarons (and mirror cakes and custom biscuits).

I often get asked, “what is your favorite type of event?” The answer is truly that I love all of them, seriously! From creating personalized macarons for a 40th birthday; hand painting flowers to match a 70th birthday’s invite; sitting for hours to match the exact deep burgundy for a bride’s wedding; making LEGO shaped macarons for a little boys birthday; putting together a quick box as a “welcome home” gift for a special friend; writing “I’m sorry” on 40 macarons as a heart felt apology for someone 😂; making macarons for the Springboks!?!?!?; making macarons for the American ambassador, and then the British High Commission; putting together 1200 corporate gifts for a company who had a stellar year; making birthday cakes for all of my friends children, and my own; making 30 boxes with custom made tags for a brand new company launching into the market.... and so many many more.

Every order is special, because it’s something special for that client.

I’m in a fortunate position, because every person who comes to me, is wanting to celebrate something. Its usually always a very happy occasion, and so I’ve got positive vibes around me always. They are wanting to mark an occasion with macarons, to elevate something that could be ordinary to being extraordinary.

And so I take my job very seriously indeed.

I would just like to once again thank each and every single person who ordered from me this year. You’re not ordering from a massive corporation. You’re ordering from a very passionate woman who is grateful for each and every order I get. I’m a mom of two wonderful boys, a wife to an amazing husband and an obsessed baker at heart.

So thank you! And I hope that 2020 is everything and more for you. See you next year!