Wedding Biscuits for M + R

We recently had the privilege of making some beautiful custom iced biscuits for Marique and Riaan's wedding.



This was such a great brief and I so enjoyed every moment of making these biscuits which are to be served at their wedding taking place this weekend in the Western Cape.

Marique wanted something elegant and floral with bright pinks and gold to match her colour scheme. 

We decided to do a selection of shapes - circles, squares, embellished rectangles and hearts.

Each of these had a unique design which was hand piped onto it, in order to create bespoke biscuits for the day, as well as fine hand painted gold accents.



To make our biscuits, we use the amazing Peggy Porchen's vanilla sugar biscuit recipe which is light and utterly delicious. We make a homemade Royal Icing mix using a variety of different consistencies to achieve the decorations.

All in all, a lot of love and time went into making these pretty biscuits, and we're certain that all the guests will enjoy them just as much as we did in making them.

M + R, we wish you both THE most incredible wedding day and we thank you for including us in your story! <3