What could be more wonderful than enjoying delicious macarons at an event? Whether its for children or adults, macarons make any birthday celebration special!

We pride ourselves on being a bespoke macaron bakery. That means that we will make ANYTHING you can imagine! We love a challenge, and we really enjoy working with our clients to realise their dreams for a special event.

We can supply bespoke themed macarons and custom iced biscuits for birthdays as well as our magnificent mirror cakes, if you're looking for something extra special.

We  have done Frozen themed macarons, Alice In Wonderland themed macarons, Troll themed macarons, Hand painted watermelon macarons, Tennis Ball macarons, Peter Rabbit themed macarons, Hand painted floral macarons, Chanel and Tiffany themed macarons and biscuits, Tomato themed macarons for an Italian birthday, Tropical Party themed macarons and biscuits, Lego Head macarons, Macaronuts (macarons in the shape of donuts) and of course, our signature Unimacs (macarons in the shape of unicorns) and unicorn biscuits to name but a few!

Contact us to discuss your bespoke theme today!

30th Birthday Macarons Alice In Wonderland Themed Macarons Troll Poppy Macarons Handpainted floral macarons Tennis Ball Macarons Frozen themed macarons Unimacs Unicorn macarons unicorn macarons unimacs Unicorn macarons unimacs macaronuts donut macarons tomato themed macarons Seven birthday party  Pearl Detail Macarons Motorbike motorcycle themed biscuits Chanel themed biscuits Pearl Detail macarons Lego Macarons Birthday balloon biscuits Tropical Miami themed biscuits Watermelon themed macarons Eiffel Tower Themed biscuits  40th Birthday Biscuits Hibiscus Flower Biscuit Peter rabbit Macarons