Mini Dome Mirror Cakes - Box of 5
Mini Dome Mirror Cakes - Box of 5 Mini Dome Mirror Cakes - Box of 5 Mini Dome Mirror Cakes - Box of 5
R 500.00

Get on trend with these beautiful treats! The first of their kind in Johannesburg.

Layers of a chewy coconut daquoise biscuit and a strawberry compote are wrapped lovingly between airy blankets of white chocolate mousse. All of this is then coated in the secret mirror glaze, giving the cake it's trademark marbled and reflective appearance.

These cakes are anything but ordinary. For starters, they take THREE days to make. Each component is handmade and then finally assembled to create the finished product after three days. The compote is made from fresh strawberries, the mousse is made from Belgian couverture white chocolate. The finest ingredients are used to create is stunning cake which is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.

Each Serves 1-2 

  • Cakes must be refrigerated until just before serving.
  • Due to the length of time needed to make these cakes, delivery or collection will be 5 days from date of order.
  • As always, should you require a custom cake, please get in touch with us to discuss your unique requirements.
  • While we will follow a colour palette, the beauty of these cakes is that each will be completely unique in design - the cakes will NOT be identical. Speak to us if you'd like us to follow a similar design for each, or if you'd like them to be different.

Colour Code:

  • Unicorn: White base with pink, purple and blue hues. 
  • Scarlet Passion: Red base with black and white hues.
  • Ocean Blues: Deep blue base with sky blue and turquoise hues.
  • Forest Hues: Deep forest green base with mint and lime green hues.
  • Tiger's Eye: Black base with brown and white hues
  • Marble: White base with grey hues